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ABA Luncheon - Compete Every Day - Tuesday, August 30

  • August 30, 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta, 5750 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, 30005


Compete Every Day
Learn How to Create Your Competitive Advantage

Today's ultra-competitive landscape requires a special mindset and skillset in order to create - and maintain - a leading edge. Fortunately, these are two areas that are not determined at birth, but instead can be effectively built with the right focus and choices. 

Discover how embracing a competitive, growth-oriented mindset will foster professional and personal development at an unparalleled level and position you with the advantage in your customers' eyes. But in order to rise to this elite level, one must first understand how to make elite choices.  Choices involving your...

  1. Mindset
  2. Controllables
  3. Systems
  4. Culture

Simple choices that anyone can make, but few intentionally do.  This session is more than just energy-filled motivation. Attendees will finish the session with actionable steps to:

  • Implement a (healthy) competitive mindset every day
  • Embrace change and daily progress steps
  • Cultivate a productive mindset and internal self-talk
  • Invest in themselves and patients' successes at a consistent rate
  • Utilize the "cheat code" within your culture

Our Speaker

Jake Thompson
Athlete | Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker

I’m so excited that you’re here and interested in working together. The best business relationships require a personal touch that goes beyond spreadsheets & business cards, so to help us get off on a great start, I wanted to share more about who I am and what drives me every day to invest in my clients.

My first “sales job” was at 7-years-old selling Christmas cookies door-to-door in my neighborhood. In April. (My mom made me return everyone’s money!).

I started Compete Every Day in 2011 by selling branded t-shirts & tank tops from the trunk of my car. I never thought we’d have grown to what we are now, sold all over the world & continuing to grow year over year.

Competition is in my blood. I lived for it and the beauty of sports growing up – I either won, or I learned what it would take to win. I believe that competition (with ourselves) brings out the best within each of us.

I host multiple podcast shows about competition, mindset, & leadership because I believe the better we can fill our own cup & grow, the bigger impacts we can make on our coworkers, families, & communities.

I live in the Dallas (TX) metroplex with my wife Elena and our two dogs, Sugar & Biscuit.

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