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Why Do Business in Alpharetta? The ABA Has 25 Reasons (Part 5)

December 17, 2019 2:59 PM | Anonymous

If you’ve been keeping up with the Alpharetta Business Association this year, you know that we have been celebrating our 25th anniversary. And, you’ve seen us counting down many of the reasons to do business in Alpharetta. Earlier this year, we posted the first five reasons, soon followed up with the second and third sets, and published the fourth set in October. We now present our final five reasons to do business in Alpharetta for a total of 25. Can’t wait to see what you think about the #1 reason!

Diverse Business Possibilities

Even though Alpharetta is known as the “Technology City of the South,” there is a diversity of businesses in our community with almost 4,800 businesses calling the city home. They range from one-person entrepreneurs to big corporations representing a variety of industries. Together, they employ more than 80,500 people. These business owners and executives help preserve Alpharetta’s strong reputation as a business hub in north Metro Atlanta.

Availability of Tax Credits and Incentive Programs

The Local Job Creation Grant Program, created by the City of Alpharetta through the Alpharetta Development Authority, allows business to be paid a grant of up to $500 per new employee up to a cumulative amount of $80,000. New employees must be Alpharetta residents, and the jobs must qualify under the Georgia Job Tax Credit Program.

Networking Opportunities

Business owners in Alpharetta have many opportunities to build relationships with each other through the Alpharetta Business Association and other North Fulton business organizations. Each has its own strengths and focuses on providing various methods of support to area businesses.

Businesses Receptive to Working Together

Alpharetta businesses regularly collaborate to facilitate new business opportunities and enrich the City of Alpharetta. For example, the Alpharetta Business Association and the Milton Business Alliance work together to support North Fulton businesses and help them thrive. Business referrals are made among the memberships and they share an annual networking meeting.

The Alpharetta Business Association

While the other 24 reasons to do business in Alpharetta are all compelling, we feel that the Alpharetta Business Association is the #1 reason to do business here -- because of you! The ABA membership is a group of dedicated business professionals who work collectively to improve the business climate of our City. We’re like-minded business people who agree that Alpharetta is the best place for our businesses. ABA members manage, volunteer and support local community events like the award-winning Farmers Market and Brew Moon Fests as well as business events including the Business Expo, State of the City Mayor’s Address and monthly networking events. You won’t find a better reason to do business in Alpharetta than that!

We appreciate you helping us celebrate the Alpharetta Business Association’s 25th anniversary throughout 2019. We couldn’t have done it without our members – THANK YOU!

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