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Meet ABA Founding Member Larry Attig

September 05, 2019 3:16 PM | Anonymous

For those Alpharetta residents who were here in the early 1990s, you may remember the downtown area a little differently than it looks today. Back then, there was just a handful of charming local businesses along Main Street and one of those was Nature’s Rainbow Florist owned by Larry Attig. As a founding member, Larry shares his reasons why he has remained active with the Alpharetta Business Association for 25 years.

How the business organization was created:

In 1994, Larry, and a few other like-minded merchants in the downtown area, were concerned about the effect the new North Point Mall would have on their businesses. So, they decided to unite with the purpose of keeping downtown Alpharetta alive. The organization they created was called the Downtown Alpharetta Business Association or DABA which has evolved into what we know today as the Alpharetta Business Association (ABA).

Why I’m still an ABA member:

“The original mission of DABA was to develop a strategy to keep the downtown viable through co-op advertising and marketing. We did this by establishing a relationship with city government to work together to develop and plan to revitalize downtown. Although the original mission of the organization has grown over time, I believe that it is important to keep local businesses united. I’m very supportive of the Farmers Market (Larry and his wife, Margo, started the Market) and Brew Moon Festivals that continue to attract the local community to visit our downtown.”

My favorite ABA memory:

“When the City was developing the Downtown Master Plan, several ABA members were actively involved in formulating the plan. I remember that Richard Debben and I created some plan renderings and placed them on easels at the ABA booth at the Farmers Market. Every Saturday morning for weeks, we would work at the booth, answer questions, and promote the plan to gain citizen support. It was an exciting time and we really enjoyed it!”

Special anniversary message:

“Congratulations to the ABA on continued success as an organization! Although a lot has changed in 25 years, it’s just as important today as it was in 1994 for businesses to work together and build relationships throughout the entire city. Always continue to look at new ways to carry on the mission of promoting business in Alpharetta.”

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