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Why Do Business in Alpharetta? The ABA Has 25 Reasons

March 25, 2019 11:09 AM | Anonymous

It’s hard not to notice how Alpharetta is booming with new businesses opening and expanding all over the city. As the Alpharetta Business Association celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and looks back over the past 2 ½ decades, we’ve identified 25 reasons to do business in Alpharetta. Here are five of those reasons to begin with (in no particular order) and we’ll share more reasons throughout the year.

Vibrant Business Community

Those who work in Alpharetta are fortunate that there are many business-focused organizations to help people and companies network and grow, including the Alpharetta Business Association. In addition, Alpharetta has earned numerous awards including “Best City to Relocate to” by Forbes and “Best City for Women Entrepreneurs” by Goodcall.

Business-Friendly Environment

Alpharetta enjoys the support of local government and business leaders to attract and retain businesses in the community. Currently, Alpharetta has six core business sectors: technology, healthcare, finance/insurance, telecommunications, logistics and business services. Companies in each sector regularly select Alpharetta as the home for their operations. In fact, recently, ZXTeco, a biometrics technology manufacturer, announced it is investing $5 million to open a 5,000 square foot customer service center expected to employ 40 people.

Access to High-Speed Fiber

Many years ago, Alpharetta was fortunate to have high-speed fiber infrastructure and redundant electrical networks brought north up the GA 400 corridor to our city. There are miles of concrete-encased fiber which has a low risk of natural disasters and provides inexpensive, reliable utilities. By having one of the most robust and redundant fiber and power fiber infrastructure networks in the Southeast, Alpharetta has become a hub for new and relocating technology companies.

Local Talent

Over the years, Alpharetta has grown and now has a population of more than 65,000 residents and a highly educated workforce. Statistics show that 82% of residents are employed in professional, managerial, technical, sales, and administrative positions. We also have local access to six public and private colleges and universities with campuses in Alpharetta.

Technology City of the South

With more than 700 technology companies, Alpharetta has long been called the “Technology City of the South.” This includes 15 enterprise and co-location data centers, 197 IT service/consulting companies, 22 data centers and virtual hosting companies, 45 financial tech companies and 105 development companies – all which call Alpharetta home. We’re also proud that more than a quarter of metro Atlanta’s top 25 technology employers are located in Alpharetta.

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